The management of SeaZip Offshore Service has decided to use the winter of 2021/2022 to convert its crew transport vessels (CTV’s) from 12 PAX to 24 PAX. That is doubling the passenger capacity. The operation provides the offshore energy industry with more space and flexibility with considerably lower transport costs. Moreover, the total carbon emissions decrease because more passengers can be transported with one vessel only.

Operational new offshore season

As 24 PAX crew transfer vessels, the SeaZip 3 to 6 will be operational from March-April 2022 for the new season. They sail under the Dutch flag, which is an extra advantage for wind farm projects that are carried out in an EU context. Sailing under the Dutch flag with 24 PAX crew vessels will be possible from 2022 thanks to an amendment to Dutch maritime legislation.

Optimal space, maximum comfort

The work will be carried out by Next Generation (NG) Shipyards in Lauwersoog. The capacity will be doubled by expanding the passenger compartment. The comfort provided remains optimal and the generous layout of the passenger facilities makes it possible to comply with any social distancing rules for as long as the pandemic is ongoing.

Significant cost advantage

With the conversion from 12 PAX to 24 PAX, SeaZip Offshore Service anticipates the increasing demand for flexible and cost-efficient transport solutions for both smaller maintenance teams and larger groups of technicians, in line with the inherent dynamics of Maintenance & Operations processes in the offshore energy industry. The cost advantage of more passenger capacity per crew vessel is an important factor in this regard.

Under the Dutch ‘EU flag’

A second important factor is that the SeaZip crew vessels, in service since 2015/2016, will continue to sail under the Dutch flag in their 24 PAX version. This is due to a recent amendment to Dutch maritime legislation.

The SeaZip 24 PAX crew transfer vessels will be operational from March-April 2022. Sign up for our weekly availability list.

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