An offshore shipping company, SeaZip Offshore Service focuses on the development and operation of service and support vessels. Under short-term and long-term charter contracts, the enterprise provides crewed vessels to the oil and gas industry and to international consortiums that apply themselves to building and operating offshore wind farms. Renewable energy is our key market, Europe is our geographical scope, and Harlingen is our home port.

Meet your sustainable offshore service company

Founded in 2010, the Dutch offshore shipping company is part of the JR Shipping Group and, therefore, it has a robust maritime background. Messrs. J.R. Arends and S.D. Schakelaar, who are the founders of the enterprise, are also the Managing Directors/Owners of JR Shipping Group, a Dutch shipping company active in the container feeder and multi-purpose shipping markets. The operations of the SeaZip offshore service and support vessels are managed by the shipping group’s fully ISO 9001:2015 and ISM-certified ship management division.

Stability, continuity of operations and safety in offshore shipping

SeaZip’s setup in 2010 was a direct response to the increasing demand in the offshore wind industry for state-of-the-art offshore service vessels. In line with the international trend in this sector to develop building sites at ever-increasing distances from the coast, SeaZip made the choice for a working relationship with the Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards, which is widely known and appreciated throughout the world for its catamaran ships fitted with the patented ‘Twin Axe Bow’. This innovative invention provides additional stability and safety to these swift vessels when crew members are transferred and ensures the continuity that is required, even in challenging circumstances, on the open sea. Due to their speed and manoeuvrability, the vessels are eminently suited for inspections and emergencies.

Customised offshore shipping support

SeaZip owns and operates four Damen-built vessels of the Fast Crew Supplier 2610 type. For a significant part, these vessels were financed by equity. For that purpose, SeaZip managed to retain a large group of investors. With immediate effect, the vessels were hired for strenuous shuttle services within the offshore wind industry and offshore oil and gas industry. SeaZip Offshore Service provides both industries with support at an exceptionally high level of quality and safety, customised to their needs. The offshore service vessel fleet is expanded meticulously. In close consultation with customer relations, specific wishes and needs in the offshore industry are catered for effectively.

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