With an initial presentation in Business Class, JR Ship Investments launched the issue of SeaZip Bonds on Sunday, September 24. This offers investors the opportunity for a sustainable investment with a fixed interest rate of 7.5% per year and unique collateral. Interest in bonds with a nominal value of €25,000 is high.

SeaZip Bonds are intended to refinance four SeaZip Offshore Service vessels. These 24 PAX Crew Transfer vessels sail for offshore wind. They are heavily involved in the construction and maintenance of wind farms in the North Sea. Wind from sea is key in the Northern European energy transition, with the North Sea developing into the largest green power plant in the world.

SeaZip Bonds provide a solid basis for an investment with a sustainable dimension in every respect. The interest rate of 7.5%, payable quarterly, is fixed for seven years. Bondholders receive a first mortgage right on one or more of the vessels. This is a unique security given the current surplus value of the vessels in relation to the bond capital to be borrowed.

The sustainable dimension is above all in the dynamic market in which SeaZip Offshore Service operates: the international market that is taking crucial steps towards a sustainable future with offshore wind farms. On jrshipinvestments.nl, all the features of this sustainable investment can be found. It also shows how many SeaZip Bonds are currently available.

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