2023 was a satisfactory year across the board for our shipping group. The operation of our container feeder and offshore service met quality and safety standards and was profitable. This inspires confidence in the chosen course: Sharing commitment to sustainability in short sea shipping.

This course focuses on making our vessels and operations even more sustainable. JR Shipping Group is committed to sustainability in short sea shipping, with a keen eye for mutual opportunities and earning perspectives.

Much progress has been made in 2023, which does not alter the fact that together we still have a challenging road ahead. We set out our ambitions and goals in a first ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) report – Sustainability Report 2023/2024.

Customer benefit through sustainability

Since last year, most of our container feeder fleet has been equipped with innovative exhaust fuel gas filters, fitted with a carbon capture system. This is an important step towards cleaner sailing. Moreover, the filters offer our customers many economic advantages, as sailing on conventional fuel remains possible.

You can read more about these and other measures on the road to more sustainable shipping in our annual report. With on the horizon: the blueprint for a new generation of container feeder vessels in the form of our ECO Feeder programme, designed to quickly anticipate the renewable shipping fuel of the future.

Sailing for offshore wind

With the deployment of our SeaZip Crew Transfer Vessels for the offshore wind industry, we continue to contribute to energy transmission. Thanks in part to the timely conversion of the vessels to a capacity of 24 PAX, achieved in 2022, the SeaZip fleet performed very well. Virtually all vessels were operating full-time for 10 months in 2023.

Investors’ interest in the combination of shipping and sustainability gives additional confidence in the future. The interest was reflected in the rapid progress of the SeaZip bond issue in late 2023, intended for follow-up financing of four SeaZip Offshore Service vessels. Bonds worth €6 million could be placed in just six weeks. JR Ship Investments also recently realised the successful placement of SeaZip 9 Bonds (debt capital) and Participations (equity capital), a total of over €4 million of capital was placed in a short period of time which allowed the purchase option on the vessel to be fulfilled. The vessel’s excess value, combined with the current momentum in the offshore wind industry, provides a solid basis for a profitable investment.

Looking at the first part of 2024, we can conclude that the prospects for both the container feeder and offshore wind markets are good. JR Shipping Group remains committed to a solid performance at sea, to growth and cooperation, and to taking relevant steps towards sustainability in short sea shipping. We prefer to do this together with you. Let’s commit!

Download Annual report JR Shipping Group 2023/2024 (English)   

Download Jaarverslag JR Shipping Group 2023/2024 (Nederlands)

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