As managing partner at SeaZip Offshore Service, maritime professional Mark van der Star (38) is getting off to a flying start. Mark has been active in the shipping industry for over 20 years and will go in for business development. His decision to put his heart and soul into his work for SeaZip Offshore Service is connected with SeaZip’s high ambitions in, in particular, the market for offshore wind turbine farms.

Mark said: “Now that the 2016 calm before the storm has passed, all signs are pointing to a breakthrough of offshore wind energy. The level of operations is increasing and the industry is looking for logistic partners which offer a full-service package and have set up their operational processes completely in line with the prevailing international rules and regulations. SeaZip is on a direct course towards fulfilling this role. For me, as a managing partner, it is a tremendous challenge to be among those who leave a mark on this.”

SeaZip, which operates from its home port, Harlingen, and from the English sea port of Lowestoft deploys six offshore service vessels of its own and is responsible for the management of a number of vessels owned by third parties. The fleet can be deployed for the offshore wind industry, as well as in the context of the offshore oil and gas industry. In light of the energy transition which Europe is experiencing, the primary focus is on providing services to offshore wind turbine parks, though.

Fleet expansion

Without mentioning exact numbers, Mr Van der Star hinted that he and SeaZip’s CEO, Jan Reier Arends, expect SeaZip’s fleet to expand significantly in the short and medium term. Expansion will partly be realised by increasing the number of own vessels, but also, in no small part, by taking on the commercial and operational management for vessels owned by third parties. SeaZip has a number of ‘green’ management agreements in the pipeline.

One-stop shop concept in offshore services

According to Mark van der Star, it is evident that international consortiums which develop and realise wind turbine parks in the North Sea increasingly need a robust one-stop shop concept. Mark said: “Operations at sea are carried out in observance of strict rules, procedures and protocols. One does not want to reinvent the wheel all the time and lose time by having to deal with lots of formalities. That’s why you want to find one single, solid partner who knows the rules and provides the lot: service vessels, work boats, DP2 vessels and innovative walk-to-work vessels; highly trained crew members; and an organisation ashore which monitors the international quality and safety standards and is on standby 24/7. SeaZip is willing and able to be this preferred supplier.”

From starting in this position on 1 April this year, Mark van der Star has very actively been tightening up and putting into practice SeaZip’s ambitions, in collaboration with Mr Jan Reier Arends. Progress is being made. Mark knows the ins and outs of the shipping industry and couldn’t imagine working in any other environment. He grew up against the background of a family shipyard, worked in dredging and held various management positions with shipping companies. Mark’s comments on SeaZip: “What amazing passion and what a keen eye for high-end vessels. There is real momentum for making big moves. It’s great to be part of it.”

For further details about Mark van der Star please visit his LinkedIn profile.

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