As the year comes to an end we look back at a challenging year. Although the market for offshore service vessels has its own dynamics, which is independent of the crisis in the different markets our shipping company is operating, the developments in this market are on a fast phase track. That the offshore wind industry is experiencing enormous growth and generates a lot of work for companies, is certain. SeaZip Offshore Service benefited from this last year. In 2016 and 2017 the market for offshore service vessels had a low utilization and low day rates. In order to optimize the deployment and results of its vessels in 2019, SeaZip continues to intensify its marketing and sales efforts. This leads to a broadening of cooperation partners. Our experience is that clients who have become acquainted with the performance of the SeaZip vessels and their crew, always place follow-up assignments. The opportunities in this market are good and SeaZip is on the alert to redeem them.

With vessels working over the winter in de German Baltic at the Wikinger offshore wind farm we started our operational year on January 1th. The other vessels followed from their winter sleep period in the course of the quarter. By Q2 all our vessels were working offshore. A lot earlier than the two years before which marks a good start of a good season. In the early days of 2018 we came across an interesting opportunity. A Danish shipowner was selling his DP1 survey vessel which had ROV’s on board. Curious as we are we made the trip to Denmark together with the spotters of the vessel, DEEP BV, al long standing relation which was interested to endeavour this project with us. After several visits we purchased the vessel and brought her to her new homeport of Harlingen. We docked the vessel for several survey related updates and invited clients onboard. After the docking she immediately start working in Denmark at the Horns Rev 1 offshore wind farm.

For the CTV fleet we steadily gained more work and all vessels were working as of May until the end of October. Since all our vessels where working we could successful charter in vessels from our colleagues. We ended up chartering 11 vessels of several sizes and type. From 104TBP AHT to 14 meter utility vessel, we all chartered them out to our clients. The main project we worked on with these vessels was the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will transport natural gas into the European Union to enhance security of supply, support climate goals and strengthen the internal energy market. On both end we have performed CTV support, survey services, tug support and local harbour duties. We also installed highly sensitive measurement buoys. Next to that we had 4 vessels in the Merkur offshore wind farm.

This summer we have seen all kinds of operational challenges due to the shortage of vessels. Due to the unexpected high activity both in Oil and gas and Offshore Wind the complete supply chain was overheated. From service engineers to vessel crew, it was all difficult to source them. Since we have a strong commitment with our partners we always have sourced the right services at the right time, but it was challenging at certain stages. We have learned from these lessons and next year we will come back stronger and agile.

Throughout this year we have been offering external services to our customers. That started with the Seazip FIX where we offered ROV services to our clients. Today we are offering a variety of services because our customers are adopting this way of working, a single source for all offshore works. Jointly with our partners we offer:

  • Marine coordination services
  • ROV’s
  • Drone’s
  • Generator (refuelling)
  • Port agency
  • Geotechnical and Geophysical survey
  • On and offshore personnel

Together with the services we have grown in the global domain. We have been to Taiwan where the Offshore wind industry will kick off early next year. We would like to adopt our services and vessel expertise to that market and grow in the local domain. In the USA we are looking at partners to join with as that industry will kick off in 2020 with a huge potential to grow. Of course we are protecting the local European market by exhibiting fairs and summits and meeting with our customers locally.

We are looking forward to the years to come as the worldwide offshore domain is growing rapidly and strongly.

Take a look on board the SeaZip Fix:

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Offshore project where we have worked this year are;

  • Trainel Borkum West 2
  • Kriegers Flak
  • Borssele 1&2
  • Hornsea 1
  • Alpha Ventus
  • Horns Rev 1
  • Gemini
  • Merkur
  • Nord Stream 2
  • Doggerbank
  • Nordsee Ost
  • Total NL
  • London Array
  • Godewind
  • Cobra Cable
  • Aberdeen Bay
  • Hohe See
  • Nemo Cable
  • Galloper