In 2019, with its fleet of six offshore service vessels and its specialised survey/ROV vessel, the SeaZip Fix, SeaZip Offshore Service was actively involved in carrying out and accomplishing various international projects. Though the primary focus was on offshore wind, SeaZip also provided operational support to the offshore oil and gas industry. For the years ahead, SeaZip’s Management Board expects that underwater survey and ROV services will play a more important role and is adapting its fleet accordingly. SeaZip’s international consultancy role is also gaining significance. Among other things, it focuses on the increasingly expanding activities developed by Taiwan in the field of offshore wind energy.

In the context of both short- and long-term contracts, the SeaZip offshore service vessels (Damen fast crew suppliers 2610) participated in various installation and O&M operations for practically all wind farms which have been or are being developed in Northern Europe. SeaZip worked for project developers and international power companies as well as for specialist contractors. Besides the efficient and safe transport of crew and small freight, the vessels were deployed in numerous support services including survey and ROV operations.

Vessels owned by third parties

Since 2019, besides having its own fleet, SeaZip has carried out the commercial management for two vessels owned by a British fellow company. For a long time and in line with market rates, both vessels have been rented out for the support of dredgers on the River Elbe, in Germany. The operations involve a lasting deepening and widening of the 116-km long fairway between Cuxhaven and Hamburg. The purpose of the dredging activities is to secure the passage of container vessels. In connection with this prestigious project, SeaZip is engaged in talks with a Dutch shipowner for the management of two other vessels which could be deployed in the project.

The SeaZip Fix played a vital role in the search and salvage operation of 300 containers

The SeaZip Fix and her survey experts took part in a large scale search and recovery operation at the beginning of 2019 after a container vessel lost its containers while in transit. On the 2nd of January 2019, a 18000 TEU container vessel lost more than 300 containers in severe weather conditions. The containers were lost in Dutch and German territorial waters, north of the Wadden Islands.

Ardent Maritime was contracted for the recovery works of the containers and debris, and chartered the SeaZip Fix to support the operation by surveying and performing ROV inspections. The SeaZip Fix played an important role in locating and identifying the lost cargo, and as such contributed to ensure safe navigation of all other vessel traffic in the area and mitigated the environmental impact of the incident.

Apart from this project the SeaZip Fix was involved in various ROV operations (underwater surveys, cable inspections and construction activities) for large-scale offshore wind projects, including Gemini, Deutsche Bucht, Borselle 1&2, Norther, Ostwind II and HollandseKust II. The ROV vessel was also deployed in various offshore and gas projects. Developments in the international market for offshore energy indicate increasing demand for specialist survey and ROV vessels fitted with high-tech equipment and experienced survey experts. In anticipation of the increased demand, SeaZip fitted the CTV SeaZip 6, one of its service vessels, with sophisticated equipment in 2019, among others for hydrographic surveys.

Expanding operations as ROV service supplier

Mr Jan Reier Arends, managing director/owner of SeaZip Offshore Service, anticipates a growing role for his company as survey and ROV service supplier in the offshore wind industry and the offshore oil and gas industry. Mr Arends considers deploying specialised vessels such as the SeaZip Fix, inclusive of the customised supply of survey experts. For the purpose of meeting this very specific market demand, SeaZip closely cooperates with Deep Hydrography & Geophysics based in Amsterdam. Mr Arends does not rule out entering into other partnerships as well and is looking for opportunities to expand the current SeaZip fleet by one or several good-quality survey/ROV vessels. In 2020, SeaZip will continue to focus on its role as all-round offshore service supplier with the primary focus on:

  • installation projects and O&M services for the offshore wind, oil and gas industry with flexible deployment of crew transfer vessels and experienced crew members
  • customised deployment of survey/ROV vessels and survey experts for any underwater operations
  • specialist offshore services such as:
  • project development
  • marine coordination
  • deployment of ROVs and drones
  • generator services (refuelling)
  • port logistics and warehousing
  • offshore staffing services
  • commercial management for third parties

In early 2019, in regard of the specialised operations in the field of offshore staffing, SeaZip Offshore Service entered into a partnership with Marlow Navigation, which is the crewing partner of JR Shipping Group that SeaZip is part of. The operations have been grouped in the joint venture MarZip Offshore Personnel B.V., which specialises in on-demand staffing and training solutions. In 2019, MarZip positioned various professionals in offshore projects. MarZip’s operations will be further developed in 2020.

Offshore wind energy in France narrowing the gap

SeaZip Offshore Service’s operations focus primarily on Northern Europe, with German, Scandinavian and Dutch offshore wind projects as drivers. Furthermore, SeaZip is keeping a close eye on the operations in France. France seems to be well underway to considerably narrowing the gap, with the sea port Cherbourg on the Normandy coast in a pivotal role. Around 2021, a capacity increase of approximately 6,000 MW is in the pipeline for the French part of the English Channel. At the same time, promising wind turbine park pilots are being run in the Mediterranean Sea. SeaZip has interactions with various parties in France about the deployment of vessels and the supply of knowledge.

Consultancy services in Taiwan and the US

Outside Europe, SeaZip in particular sets its sights on Taiwan, which harbours high ambitions with regard to electricity from the sea. In late August 2019, SeaZip entered into an official contract with Taiwan Offshore Wind Farm Services Corp. (TOWSC) in order to give teeth to future project development. This partnership focuses on efficient logistic solutions in respect of O&M services for various offshore windfarm projects. SeaZip’s role comes down to consultancy. This was also the role played by SeaZip when it took its first steps on the American continent in 2019.

Safety, efficiency and innovation

When it comes to safety, efficiency and innovation, SeaZip Offshore Service sets the bar high. In 2019, one of our SeaZip service vessels was directly involved in a successful pilot held as part of the Joint Industry Autonomous Shipping research and innovation project. SeaZip will continue to contribute to and actively participate in projects that drive innovation and are important for the future of the maritime shipping industry, with the primary focus on maximum operational safety, cleaner shipping operations, and cost efficiency.

In 2020, in the day-to-day operations at sea, SeaZip Offshore Service’s highly trained crew and operations team once again vouch for safety first, flexible and agile service provision, and the best possible performance in any circumstances.

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